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Every Client, Every Time. No Exceptions, No Excuses.


ESQ provides clients with stellar advisory and representation services. The ESQ team excels at negotiation strategies and business formalities of the world’s foremost sports and entertainment institutions and power brands.

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 Marketing & Branding

ESQ provides clients with a myriad of services including contract and marketing procurement and negotiation; music, film and television management; and media training throughout the sports and entertainment industry.

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ESQ’s attention to detail equates to greater client value, and ESQ’s experience representing an array of clients enables us to tailor deals to fit the unique interests of each individual client.

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ESQ procures and develops international contacts, opportunities and relationships for entertainers and athletes, both domestic and abroad, and has experience in developing and managing talent worldwide. ESQ maintains a global perspective and works to present every client with an opportunity to pursue ventures all across the world.

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GroupShotOfThree1ENTERTAINMENT, by definition, is an activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience and/or gives pleasure and delight. Storytelling, music, drama, dance and SPORTS – all different kinds of performance, yet they all exist in various cultures and have developed into sophisticated forms over time. The process of ENTERTAINMENT has been accelerated in modern times by an industry which records and sells ENTERTAINMENT products. So, entertainers are constantly faced with a myriad of opportunities, and difficulties, from work to sponsorships, branding to marketing, and most importantly perfecting their craft.

ESQ and its staff aid entertainers in navigating their careers by setting forth comprehensive plans for success with a QUALITY, caring, and straight-forward approach. 

GroupShotOfThree1SPORTS have become so intertwined with ENTERTAINMENT that, outside of the clearest distinction of the athletic performance of the athlete versus the entertaining performance of the entertainer, the gap between how an athlete or entertainer is represented is getting smaller and smaller. Athletes are uniquely qualified and skilled in their SPORTS and work to master their craft to build towards an ultimate success or championship. The challenges an athlete faces on the road to success are very difficult. ESQ agents are certified professional sports agents and understand the challenges facing each athlete. ESQ is dedicated to its Athletes in all SPORTS, just as it is its entertainers in all forms of ENTERTAINMENT. Optimal QUALITY is provided at all times.

GroupShotOfThree1QUALITY is a perceptual, conditional and subjective attribute and is understood differently by different people. It’s a collaborative effort that encompasses our brand to ensure entertainers and athletes that our Vision is incorporated into our representation: Every Client, Every Time, No Exceptions, No Excuses.