ESQ provides clients with stellar advisory and representation services. The ESQ team understands and excels at the negotiation strategies and business of the world’s foremost sports and entertainment institutions and power brands. ESQ leverages this knowledge to minimize negotiation delays and secure client interests.



ESQ leaves no details to chance and there is no detail that takes ESQ by surprise - nothing goes unnoticed.


Transitioning between career stages can be challenging. Whether transitioning from an amateur to a professional or moving between career stages as a professional, planning is key. As a professional athlete or entertainer, balancing being an employee while simultaneously being an employer is essential. Many help with the employee functions, but who helps with regard to brand ownership? Who provides guidance on what it means to be the President and CEO of one’s career? The answer is ESQ.

ESQ provides clients with a myriad of services including contract and marketing procurement and negotiation; music, film and television management; and media training throughout the sports and entertainment industry.Clients range from athletes and musicians to filmmakers. The ESQ team equips our clients with the tools for success by utilizing insider insight to make winning the media and marketing/brand messaging battles a virtual certainty for our



ESQ has produced documentaries for sports clients prior to professional drafts and provided future professionals with guidance in crafting their public images. Going the extra mile and producing top-notch results are ESQ’s hallmarks.



ESQ has worked on, and continues to work on projects with some of the top marketing and production companies in the world such as Under Armour, Adidas, Nike, Fanatics, ACE Media, NFLPA, Panini, PGA Tour, Warner Bros, CBS Sports, ESPN, NFL Network, Cumulus, XM Radio, and ABC and many more.Updated Logo Compilation_1

ESQ’s attention to detail equates to greater client value, and ESQ’s experience representing an array of clients enables US to tailor deals to fit the unique interests of each individual client. ESQ has worked with the College Sports Research Institute (CSRI), which examines the most pressing issues and concerns of NCAA athletes.

ESQ procures and develops international contacts, opportunities and relationships for entertainers and athletes, both domestic and abroad, and has experience in developing and managing talent worldwide. ESQ maintains a global perspective and works to present every client with an opportunity to pursue ventures all across.

ESQ, through a partnership with an immigration attorney who has been deemed an innovator in the legal industry by the American Bar Association and recognized as one of the preeminent immigration attorneys in the United States, expedites the process for entertainers and athletes to travel and work abroad and have a worldwide presence in sports and/or entertainment.