Jackson’s “home”

The 2009 season pitching for Detroit will go down as merely one piece of the epic jigsaw puzzle of Edwin Jackson’s career. 

“Detroit always feels like home to me,” Jackson stated. “Regardless of what side I’m on, every time I come to this city it feels welcoming, and I take that feeling to the mound with me.”

Throwing 6 ⅓ innings of one-run baseball in his return to the Tigers, Jackson was exactly what the Tigers needed to beat the Royals 5-2, for their first back-to-back wins since May. Still throwing mid-to-upper 90’s, Jackson’s first contribution to the Tigers ongoing rebuild was their first quality start since July 17. 

As Jackson left the mound, he received what may end up as the heartiest standing ovation of the season for a Tigers starting pitcher. 

“I appreciated that a lot,” Jackson said. “The fans of Detroit are great, I will never forget 2009, how they were, and it was just my way of showing my appreciation.”