Mack Wilson proves nobody’s safe in his NFL preseason debut

A win for the Cleveland Browns, Mack Wilson intercepted two passes, returning one of them for a touchdown, in his NFL preseason debut.

Just as the chain around Wilson’s neck reads “Nobody’s Safe” in script lettering, “[a]fter the way Wilson has played the last week, you can edit the phrase to read: No quarterback [is] safe.”

And his teammates seem to agree:

“’That boy’s special,’ linebacker Christian Kirksey said. ‘He’s a one-of-a-kind player for him to come out and get two picks, that’s unbelievable.’”

“’Every day there’s little stuff that he’s nit-picking and getting better at,’ Takitaki said. ’The simple answer, he’s really good in space, that’s why they got him at the WILL, covering all those tight ends, running backs, you saw with that flare route, the quarterback just threw it up. He’s really good in space and covering guys.’”